Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Illamasqua Lipsticks in Kontrol and Disciple - Swatches & Review

I got these babies on a recent trip to London. They're my first Illamasqua products so I was really excited. Knowing and loving Illamasqua's knack for the theatrical, I had to buy unnatural shades to have the honour of being my first products.

Being a hoarder and fangirl, I naturally had to keep the boxes.

I like how sleek the packaging is. The caps are nice and secure and overall they don't feel cheap. 

Kontrol, being a purple, has been on my wishlist for very long so I'm really glad I have it. It's a blue-based purple that leans slightly grayish.

It applies on smoothly and isn't patchy at all. It has a satin finish and doesn't dry out my lips. I wish the wear time was better, though. It fades pretty easily especially in the center of my lips. This is currently my second favorite purple lipstick, Mac's Heroine being number 1.

Here's a full-face shot to help you get a better idea of what it looks like when worn. It looks great on my NC30ish skintone. ((and matches my violet contacts)) It's quite a bold colour but yet somehow wearable if you ask me.

Disciple looks almost black in tube form but trust me, it is anything but.

It has so much depth once applied. I am so in love with this colour. It's very dry and can be a little difficult to apply but nothing too bad. It doesn't feel dry once applied which is nice. The colour is amazing though. It's quite out there, but I feel like I could wear this to school.

I love how Disciple looks on me but I guess I'm not 100% used to the stares yet. But don't worry, I love this guy too much to let him collect dust on my vanity. It's one of those colours you'd brave through a difficult formula for. 

All in all, everyone needs Illamasqua in their lives. I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful!

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