Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks in Lolita & Lullabye - Swatches & Review

I've been a huge fan of Kat Von D's style and aesthetic for a really long time so I promised myself that I had to own her cosmetics at at least some point in my life. When these Studded Kiss Lipsticks were released, I drooled over them for what felt like forever. 

I wanted to make sure that I spent my money on the right ones that I would actually wear and were of good quality so I could justify the price. After some research, I decided on these two, Lolita and Lullabye.

The packaging is beautiful. I love LOVE the way they look and feel. The KVD etched onto the lipsticks themselves are also beautiful. The day I got these I just kept showing them off to my friends (who then judged me for how much I shelled out on these)

They do have one drawback though, the caps can be pretty loose and sometimes come loose in my makeup bag. This hasn't ruined my lipsticks yet, but definitely has the potential to do so. I guess this could especially be a problem if you don't have a designated makeup compartment in your bag.

First up is Lullabye! Lullabye is a shimmery and glittery medium pink colour. The glitter shifts a little purple(though not visible in pictures). I'm not a huge pink fan, but this guy won me over.

Though the glitter bits appear gritty on the tube, they apply very nicely and feel smooth on the lips. The colour has a satin finish and is somewhat neon, but not overly so. It wears nicely and stains the lips a little. It does transfer a little, but not enough to be a problem. I noticed no feathering too.

Getting Lolita was completely out of character for me. I love my bold and unnatural lip colours and this is definitely not one of those. I'll be honest, I bought this to get on the whole Kylie Jenner '90's brown lip' bandwagon. It's a brownish pink that I ended up really liking.

Lolita happens to be my perfect 'My Lips But Better' or MLBB shade. It's so soft and pretty. It applies smoothly and has a matte finish. It clings to dry spots a little but nothing too bad. It's not dark or brown enough for the 90's look, at least on my NC30ish skin. This does transfer and is mostly gone in the centre of my lips by the time I'm done eating.

Here's a bonus FOTD with Lolita to show you how soft it is. I think it'll come in very handy when I have to go for family events and will be expected to not be as bold and dark as I'd like. I really like the range of Studded Kiss Lipsticks and would love to own more (Wonderchilde, I'm looking at you).

You can get these guys from the Sephora US website, though they don't ship to Singapore so you're going to have to go through a freight forwarder. I got mine through a spree on Carousell, so you could look our for those too!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading all the way through!

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