Wednesday, August 10, 2016

INSbyN Vita Brightening System Mask BX- Review

I was sent this INSbyN mask by Charis for review - so settle down friends, let me tell you what I think about it. 

What is it?

The INSbyN Vita Brightening System Mask is a Bio-cellulose sheet mask for your face. So this isn't your ordinary cotton sheet mask, the sheet is made with BIO-Celltox™. It's basically a paraben-free high polymer sheet made using some sort of fermentation process. It's all very sciencey and beyond my comprehension. But you can read up more about it here.(*)

The mask itself claims to brighten skin, turning dull skin light and glowy. INSbyN recommend this mask if you face dull or 'dark' skin, rough skin from change in environment, 'imbalanced' skin, or skin that doesn't take makeup very well.

My Skin?

My skin is pretty acne prone, I tend to be careful with products I put on my face. I try to avoid irritants because my skin can be a little sensitive. I'm also mostly oily. My biggest concerns are fighting acne, fading scars/post inflammatory hyperpigmentation(PIH), and general moisturising. 

I was hoping that this mask would will scars and well, brightening.

Did I like it?

The cellulose mask did feel very nice on my skin, and was an interesting concept. But, no, I did not like this mask. Immediately after taking it off, I did feel like my skin looked brighter. However, I felt like it lacked in the moisturising department. My jaw line tends to be my dryest and this did nothing to help.
To add insult to injury, I broke out each time after I used this mask, which was twice in total. This mask and I just did not mix well.


My mum, has dry skin and suffers from hyperpigmentation. She's on the way to her 50's so I think it's safe to say she has aging skin. She loved this mask. To quote her, she felt the mask "hydrated her skin and definitely felt more glowy and bright." 

So to conclude, the INSbyN Vita Brightening System Mask BX could be the mask for you, it wasn't the mask for me, but it was the mask for my mum. It depends on your skin chemistry and well , your skin concerns. Do I recommend it? I think it's worth a shot, apart from breaking out it wasn't too bad and for it's price, you can't go wrong. 

You can get this mask, and read up about it's benefits and whatnot HERE.(*) and let me know if you like it! Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful :)

Disclaimer: buying through links marked with (*) will provide me with monetary gain. Reviews and opinions of products however, are NOT paid for and are 100% honest and my own.

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